Predator Decoys

  • Mojo Decoys - MOJO Hawk

    Mojo Decoys

    Mojo Decoys - MOJO Hawk

    Manufacture ID: HW4310The Mojo Hawk predator hunting decoy was developed to add another dimension to predator calling. It is used by placing the hawk above a wounded prey decoy and an electronic caller to give the predator the sense that a bird of prey...

  • Mojo Decoys - MOJO Super Critter

    Mojo Decoys

    Mojo Decoys - MOJO Super Critter

    Manufacture ID: HW2304The Super Critter is truly a case of the Best Getting Better. The Mojo Critter proved to be the most effective and the most popular predator decoy ever, and revolutionized the use of decoys in predator hunting. Mojo introduces the...

  • Rinehart Coyote Decoy


    Rinehart Coyote Decoy

    With its patented design and life like movement, Rinehart’s Doloma series decoys prove irresistible to big game and predators alike. The unique design combined with the award winning sculpture arouses even the weariest animal’s curiosity. The Doloma...