• Allen Gambrel/hoist Kit


    Allen Gambrel/hoist Kit

    Gambrel and hoist kit is great for cleaning and skinning game. Gambrel made with steel construction and 500 lb. capacity.Features:Steel construction;500 lb. capacity

  • Allen Takedown Gambrel/hoist Kit


    Allen Takedown Gambrel/hoist Kit

    Includes collapsible gambrel for easy storage and cast metal pulleys. Offers an 800 lb. weight capacity.Features:Collapsible gambrel;Cast metal pulleys;800 lb. capacity

  • Hme 4:1 Gambrel


    Hme 4:1 Gambrel

    A 4:1 weight reduction pulley system has been added to the HME heavy-duty Gambrel, designed to make it easier for one person to hoist their deer. The gambrel's 3/8" hanger is fully welded and gusseted for added strength. Gambrel and components have an...

  • Hme Truck Hitch Game Hoist


    Hme Truck Hitch Game Hoist

    Truck hitch game hoist converts a vehicle hitch into a game cleaning station. Height is adjustable from 6.5ā€™ to 9ā€™. Features 360 degree pivot rotation for easy loading, retractable support stand and lock in place winch system. Swivel prevention on the...

  • Hunters Specialties 4:1 Ratio Lift System 600 Lb.

    Hunters Specialties

    Hunters Specialties 4:1 Ratio Lift System 600 Lb.

    With the Mag 4:1 Ratio Lift System, you can easily raise and lower up to 600 pounds of game while the included gambrel supports the hind legs of the animal. Includes a 40 foot long tangle-proof, rot-resistant rope and a 4-pulley system with 4:1 lift...

  • Moultrie Game Scale 550 Lbs.


    Moultrie Game Scale 550 Lbs.

    The Moultrie 550lb Game Scale accurately weighs game animals for record keeping and management goals. This heavy-duty scale features an all-steel frame and includes two ā€œSā€ hooks for attaching to a pulley system and gambrel. The dial is large and easy to...

  • Moultrie Hanging Feeder Hoist


    Moultrie Hanging Feeder Hoist

    Hoist heavy, hard-to-lift items and secure them without having to tie knots. Hang deer feeders in the field, skin game with ease or raise any load up to 300 pounds using this hoist that attaches to any tree or pole. Locking in place as you pull the rope...