• Illusion Extinguisher Deer Callblack

    Illusion Hunting Systems

    Illusion Extinguisher Deer Callblack

    The Illusion Game Calls Extinguisher Deer Call System is an all-in-one deer calling system. Easily go from fawn, to doe, to a mature buck all by sliding your finger. The Extinguisher utilizes technology like a dual layered throat tube design, Freeze-Free...

  • Primos Big Bucks Bag


    Primos Big Bucks Bag

    Big sounds come in a convenient compact size. Sound like small bucks sparring or reproduce a dominant buck fight. You can increase the volume of sound the bag makes by removing one or more of the Power Tines. The camo net bag is compact, flexible, and...

  • Primos Fightin Horns


    Primos Fightin Horns

    The high-tech polymer in these horns delivers the same consistency and structure as real antlers. The 14 contact points reproduce buck-fighting sounds from light sparing to an extra-loud fight.

  • Primos Hard Fawn Bleatdeer Call


    Primos Hard Fawn Bleatdeer Call

    The Hardwood Fawn Bleat is perfect for the early bow season, reproduces the distress bleat and bawl of a young deer; thus, appealing to the maternal instinct of all does.

  • Primos Little Big Roar Deer Call


    Primos Little Big Roar Deer Call

    The Little Big Roar reproduces aggressive buck grunts that you will most commonly hear during peak times of the rut. The Little Big Roar has a hardwood barrel, and the resonating end is made from soft rubber that you can squeeze to manipulate the sound...