Deer Calls

  • Antler Action

    Antler Action Remote Rattle

    The Antler Action Remote Rattle is an antler rattle designed to be used with a tree stand to get the “Sound on the Ground” where the deer expect it to be while eliminating the hassles of using and stowing traditional rattles. With just 2 inches of pull...

  • Duel

    Duel Doe Next Door Deer Call Micro Heat Bleat

    Compact design with ridged mouthpiece for hands free use. FreezeFree design keeps the call working no matter the weather conditions. Includes lanyard with alligator clip to attach to your clothing anywhere you want.

  • Duel

    Duel Double Back Grunt Call Black

    Built with Dual Chamber technology for authentic sounds. Make louder calls by exhaling in one end and softer calls by inhaling on the other. Seven different positions on the sound board make any call from fawn to mature buck. FreezeFree design for use in...

  • Duel

    Duel Stretchback Grunt Call Deer Call

    Allows you to instantly change the sound by extending the rubber “Stretchback” flex tube which creates the illusion of a moving animal. Rubber tube for a richer sound. FreezeFree design keeps the call working no matter the weather conditions.

  • Flextone

    Flextone WTF Grunter Deer Grunt Call

    The WTF Grunt'R uses Inflection Chamber Technology to mimic the natural inflection in sounds made my rutting deer. Compress, expand or bend the chamber to instantly change the sound of your call. The chamber can even cut off airflow, creating the sound...

  • Haydel Game Calls

    Haydels Non-Typical Inhale Deer Grunt

    Will not freeze up. This inhale grunt call is even more realistic than the original. It's completely rubberized, so you'll have no fear dropping it while drawing and making noise. Squeeze to make grunts with inflection.

  • Hunters Specialties

    Hunters Specialties Deceiver Grunt Call

    The Deceiver Grunt Call utilizes an Easy-Slide Sound Adjustment to go from Mature Buck Grunts all the way to Fawn Bleats. The rubber-like soft grip keeps the call quiet while not in use and aids in handling in extreme temperatures. The expandable...

  • Hunters Specialties

    Hunters Specialties Nemesis Grunt Call

    Infinitely adjustable with the turn of the collar produces sounds from a fawn bleat right up to a dominant buck grunt. The expandable bellow adjusts for the most realistic deer sounds you can make.

  • Hunters Specialties

    Hunters Specialties Quad Grunter XT Grunt Call

    The QuadGrunter XT features an adjustable O-ring which gives it the versatility of four calls in one; simply move the O-ring along the soundboard inside the mouthpiece to project mature buck grunts, young buck grunts, doe bleats or fawn bleats. The...

  • Hunters Specialties

    Hunters Specialties SlamTalker Deer Grunt Call

    Features a built-in snort wheeze so you can produce the full range of authentic deer sounds with one call. The ridges on the tube allow for fingertip control in preselecting different calls or sounds. Use the mouthpiece port to make a snort wheeze...

  • Hunters Specialties

    Hunters Specialties Tru Talker Legacy Deer Call

    The True Talker Legacy makes all of the whitetail sounds. Its longer tube produces deeper tones. Ridges on the tube allow for fingertip control in pre-selecting different calls or sounds. Includes lanyard and instructions.

  • MAD

    MAD RIP Growl Deer Call

    The Mad Rip Growl Deer Call shouts out natural whitetail vocals by combining a reflective nasal and vocal cavity to process the volume of air an actual whitetail would use. Can also emit doe and fawn vocals. Includes a removable snort wheeze.

  • Primos

    Primos - Deer Call - Power Buck & Doe (includes compass)

    Manufacture ID: 729This call allows you to bleat and grunt using just one call. The Power Buck & Doe's dual reed assembly for inhale-exhale operation produces the throaty grunts and clicking tones of aggressive bucks and Estrus Bleats and cries of does...

  • Primos

    Primos - Deer Call - Rubberneck

    Manufacture ID: 737With the push of a button, the RubberNeck converts from a mature buck grunt to a young buck grunt or a doe Estrus Bleat. Just like the Power Buck & Doe there are many times when you think that a buck won't respond to your grunt, it's...

  • Primos

    Primos - Power Mule Deer & Blacktail Grunter

    Manufacture ID: 736The Power Mule Deer & Blacktail Grunter with built-in compass reproduces throaty grunts and estrus bleats with simple inhale-exhale operation. It is perfect for mule deer and Blacktail deer, especially during the rut.Features: -...

  • Primos

    Primos - The Can - Long

    Manufacture ID: PS7065"The Long Can", Longer More Intense Estrus BleatsFeatures:- Longer More Intense Estrus Bleats- Speak the Language

  • Primos Hunting

    Primos Hunting - Deer Call - "THE CAN" Family Pack

    Manufacture ID: 713"THE Original CAN" is a unique call that has proven to be very successful in reproducing the mating doe Estrus Bleats. It's success has been overwhelming because it is so simple to operate and it has called up so many bucks. "THE Lil'...

  • Primos Hunting

    Primos Hunting - Deer Call - THE Lil' CAN

    Manufacture ID: 731"THE Lil' CAN" is perfect for early season calling. You can't go wrong with "THE Lil' CAN" during early season when food sources are so important. Whitetail, Blacktail, and Mule Deer can all respond quickly and dramatically to the...