Cookers and Fryers

  • Hero Charcoal Pod Refills

    Hero Charcoal Pod Refills

    Eco-friendly and instant light hero charcoal pods are ready in 10 minutes and deliver over 60 minutes of cooking time. Clean up is easy because any grilling mess is captured in the single use, disposable pod. It’s a healthier choice, as the charcoal is...

  • Hero Charcoal Portable Grill

    Hero Charcoal Portable Grill

    The Fire & Flavor HERO Grill is the world’s first environmentally friendly and premium portable grill that uses a biodegradable charcoal pod to make grilling clean, simple and highly portable. The grill is lightweight, foldable to the size of standard...

  • Hero Charcoal Portable Grilling System

    Hero Charcoal Portable Grilling System

    The HERO Grill is a best-in-class, portable charcoal grill that was designed to make charcoal grilling simple, clean and portable. HERO allows you to grill anywhere you go. It's compact, lightweight (under 10 lbs) and doesn't require messy charcoal bags...