• Flextone

    Flextone Coon Squaller

    Flexible design gives you more control of volume and tone. Soft bodied call produces a more natural sound than traditional hard calls. Raspy fighting sounds with lots of inflection. Compact size. Incredible durability. Deadly on raccoons.

  • Flextone

    Flextone Coyote Rage Howler Call

    The Flextone Coyote Rage Coyote Call is a great long distance call and locator and produces yips, barks and howls. The call features natural sounds and has a soft, flexible barrel that controls volume and back pressure when you squeeze the end. The call...

  • Flextone

    Flextone Dying Rabbit Call

    The Flextone Dying Rabbit Predator Call produces a a natural sound that is excellent for long distances and a great coaxing tool. The flexible design gives the call a lot of inflection and a natural pleading sound. Simply squeeze the end closed to...

  • Flextone

    Flextone Mouse Trap Predator Call

    One-handed operation just strap to your gun or hand. The Mouse Trap is oversized for louder and longer squeaks, and is perfect for close-range coaxing. Freezeproof.

  • Haydel Game Calls

    Haydels Deluxe Squirrel Call

    Deluxe 3-in-1 Squirrel emits bark or chatter. Blowing moderately into the exhaust barrel gives the cry of Grey Squirrels. Blowing 5 panicky notes creates the high-pitched cries of a baby in distress.

  • Haydel Game Calls

    Haydels Government Hunter Cottontail Predator Call

    Double reed with coaxer voice. A super gravely sound is created, while blowing into this call. When blowing on the opposite end you get a squeaker sound for close in calling. Hyper-ventilating death cries can be accomplished by blowing and sucking air...

  • Haydel Game Calls

    Haydels Ultimate Predator Call

    This call is designed to be flexible and do it all from bobcats to coyotes. The flexible tooth positions on the call allow the caller to make a wide variety of sounds, high, low, clear, to raspy.

  • Haydel Game Calls

    Haydels Ultimate Predator Call Kit

    This kit features the SPH-06 Howler and GHC Distress Call along with an instructional DVD by Byron South of the “Coming to the Call” series. Actual hunting footage included.

  • Knight And Hale

    KH EZ Howler Plus

    The Knight and Hale EZ Howler Plus Coyote Call produces more volume than an amplifier, and it’s a lot easier to carry. The EZ Howler Plus is awesome for locating and calling in coyotes.

  • Primos

    Primos - Call Lanyard - 3 Call

    Manufacture ID: 696293-Call Lanyard holds 3 Calls, has 2 split rings, keeps calls separated and easy-to use slip knots.Features:- Holds 3 Calls - 2 split rings - Keeps calls separated - Easy-to use slip knots

  • Primos

    Primos - Hog Call - Squealer

    Manufacture ID: PS321Hog squeals are made by both boars and sows. The squeals of a wild hog sound very much like those of a domestic pig. Because of the wild hog's strong pack instinct and its curious nature, they will often investigate the sounds of...

  • Primos

    Primos - Predator Call - Double Cottontail

    Manufacture ID: PS365This call houses two metal reeds thus giving it the name double. The special reeds are designed to give this call a high-pitched and raspy sound unique to the predator calling world. You can use this call as the primary call or...

  • Primos

    Primos - Predator Call - Ki-Yi

    Manufacture ID: 315The name "Ki-Yi" was derived from the sound an injured dog makes. Our Ki-Yi also produces the raspy, distress calls of prey, which appeals to all predators. This call has a removable mouthpiece which can be used alone to produce the...

  • Primos

    Primos - Predator Call - Lil' Dog

    Manufacture ID: PS350A small howler with a big bite. The Lil' Dog comes with two separate mouthpieces: just pop the white one on for long-range calling and the green one on for close-in calling. The detachable horn gives it great versatility. The Lil'...

  • Primos

    Primos - Predator Call - Mastering The Art Predator Pak

    Manufacture ID: 354Mastering the Art of the coyote language is easy when you have a good teacher. Randy Anderson will show you step-by-step, how to bring those coyotes on in. Randy shares his unique system of howling in coyotes as well as more commonly...

  • Primos

    Primos - Predator Call - Mouse Squeeze

    Manufacture ID: 304The Mouse Squeeze is so simple to operate that anyone can use it on their first try. Because you never blow on it, there's no moisture to freeze it up. It is very effective when predators are at a close range and need a little more...

  • Primos

    Primos - Predator Call - Predator Master Pak

    Manufacture ID: 353Randy Anderson and Primos Hunting Calls have designed the perfect all-in-one pack for predator hunting. The TRUTH Calling All Coyotes will help you learn Randy's unique style of calling in coyotes, using a combination of howl and...