Discharge Bolts

  • Barnett

    Barnett Evac Decocking Bolt 5 pk.

    De-cocking bolt designed for safe and controlled crossbow deactivation. Features a glow in the dark vane for correct fletch and nock track alignment. Weighs 500 grains. Single use 5 pack.

  • Barnett

    Barnett Thump Decocking System 3 pk.

    The shock absorbing EVAC Decelerators slide up the shaft at point of contact with the ground. This unique design allows for the safe discharge of the crossbow and eliminates the unnecessary waste of a good arrow.

  • Crossbow Defuser

    Crossbow Defuser Decocker

    Portable crossbow decocking system for most major brand crossbows. Five adjustments allow the device to fit different shaped risers. Slides into the cocked crossbow like an arrow and safely decocks the bow in seconds. Simply take off the safety, squeeze...