Team Fulcrum

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Here at Fulcrum, we like to do things differently! Our Team Programs are no different. We’re excited to offer a Hybrid staff program that combines both our competition level and your willingness to spread your passion for archery online.

At Fulcrum, you can shoot the brands you want that allow you to be confident behind the bow. Unlike other programs, our Men's, Women's and Senior payouts are all identical!

Fulcrum Archery is pleased to offer 3 levels of team sponsorship for the upcoming Fall 2018/ 2019 season:

  • Club Level: Our community team for those who are interested in archery and camaraderie. Be active; as much or as little as you want.
  • Field Staff: Our largest group focused on local, state, and regional competitions. If you like to compete, but do not travel to major national tournaments, then this is the group for you!
  • Elite Staff: Our Elite and smallest group dedicated to the sport of archery. As Elite Staff, you can expect to spend many of your weekends shooting year-round taking you to all areas of the country.

All have numerous benefits to offer which vary/increase with levels of online visibility and competition frequency. Contracts run from October 1 st of current year to September 31 st of the following year. At Fulcrum, we encourage team camaraderie and the desire to be part of something beyond one’s self; making Fulcrum something you want to be part of. We host social gatherings year-round, provide a private team Facebook group to encourage team building when off the range, and a phone App for team management & communication. 

With almost 50 shooters Nationwide you're sure to bump in to us somewhere. Be sure and say hi! Meet our 2019 Team Fulcrum Below. (Pictures Being Added)

Team Fulcrum

  • Brodie Reed
  • Glenn Tucker
  • Katie Boston
  • Marie Brown
  • Riley Marx
  • Devin Oblander
  • Dylan Oblander
  • Liz Hainey
  • Travis Gryba
  • Aaron Glass
  • Dan Course
  • Trey Coats
  • Tymon John
  • Colton Brazier
  • Gabriella Luo
  • Larry Ward
  • Larry Wyrick
  • Dorothy Cobb
  • Dusty Arrington
  • Terra Timmerman
  • Curtis Maples
  • Marty Chambers
  • Ryan Thomason
  • Stan Coats
  • Marceodae Matthews
  • Larry Wyrick
  • Elton Dumas
  • Dacota Taylor
  • Kevin Oblander
  • Hailey Wilson