• Cold Steel

    Cold Steel - Blackthorn Shillelagh

    Manufacture ID: 91PBSHCold Steels Irish Blackthorn Walking Stick has been a firm fan favorite since its inception. Its good looks, combined with its hard-wearing materials have made it an often imitated but never equaled classic!Cold Steel is proud to...

  • Cold Steel

    Cold Steel - Blackthorn Staff

    Manufacture ID: 91PBSTInspired by an over-sized staff in the private collection of President Lynn C. Thompson, Cold Steel's member of the Blackthorn family is the biggest stick made!The Blackthorn Staff (almost 5 feet long) represents the culmination...

  • Cold Steel

    Cold Steel - Escrima Stick

    Manufacture ID: 91EThe Cold Steel Escrima Stick resembles a traditional rattan stick in length, weight, and cross section, it is however, much more durable because it is injection molded from super tough black polypropylene. It measures 32" long and is...

  • Cold Steel

    Cold Steel - Pistol Grip City Stick

    Manufacture ID: 91STAPWith a finely crafted solid Aluminum head, the pistol grip cane is lighter, balanced and easy to carry and use.Specifications:- Weight: 17.2 oz.- Shaft: 3/4"- Head Material: 6160 Aluminum- Shaft: 11 Layer Fiberglass- Overall: 37 5/8

  • Cold Steel

    Cold Steel - Training Staff

    Manufacture ID: 91ESMany Cold Steel fans and customers share the love for the Martial Arts, and they have been asking Cold Steel to produce longer training tools for many years; and now, thanks to recent pioneering innovations in the world of...

  • Cold Steel

    Cold Steel - Walking Stick - Irish Blackthorn

    Manufacture ID: 91PBSThe Blackthorn bush is found throughout Ireland and the British Isles. It has been prized for centuries as a material for premium walking sticks. The original Blackthorn sticks were 2 to 4 foot long Irish shillelaghs (the national...