Ultradyne - 6.5 Pegasus Tanker Compensator 5/8x24

Ultradyne - 6.5 Pegasus Tanker Compensator 5/8x24

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The Ultradyne Pegasus Tanker has been meticulously engineered to provide superior recoil reduction and neutralize muzzle rise with a smooth, balanced release of blast energy. Progressive 90° side ports vent combusting gases at intervals that spread out the recoil impulse for efficient, accurate follow-up shots.


- Dynamount Compatible
- Progressive 90 Degree Ports
- Shrouded Timing Nut Mounting
- 416 Stainless Steel with Ultra-Rugged SB Nitride Finish
- Pairs easily well with the Dynamount Sighting System


- Threads: 5/8-24
- Material: Stainless Steel
- Finish: Melonite Black

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