• Primos

    Primos - Locator Call - Hoot Flute

    Manufacture ID: 314The Hoot Flute is easy to use. In the spring, sounding like an owl can very often entice a gobbler to give away his location by gobbling back at you. You can then move closer and, using turkey talk, lure the gobbler into range...

  • Primos

    Primos - Predator Call - Classic Crow

    Manufacture ID: PS375All it takes is one cantankerous crow to shock a gobbler into giving up his location. The new Primos Classic Crow is custom-crafted hardwood with built-in back pressure to give you greater control for a wider range of authentic...

  • Primos Hunting

    Primos Hunting - Locator Call - Hawk/Quail Whistle

    Manufacture ID: PS311The Hawk/Quail Whistle reproduces the shrill, high pitched call of hawks and the whistle of bobwhites. It's another tool to turn to when trying to locate a gobbler.Features:- Produces the high pitched calls of hawks and the whistles...

  • Primos Hunting

    Primos Hunting - Locator Call - Power Hawk

    Manufacture ID: 352Locating a big Tom during the day can be difficult. The shrill cry of a hawk can make those Toms gobble when nothing else can. The high-pitched frequency of the call causes them to shock gobble. Locate your next big Tom with the Power...