Throwers, Traps & Accessories

  • Allen Cases

    Allen Cases - Xcelerator Claymaster Target Thrower Red

    Manufacture ID: 223Allen’s Xcelerator Claymaster Target Thrower allows for solo shooters to operate the thrower and be in a ready-to-shoot position. The foot trigger pedal can be operated by either foot, and the throwing angle is adjustable. Throws...

  • Caldwell

    Caldwell - Clay Launcher - Standard

    Manufacture ID: 505501The Caldwell Clay Launcher is designed to provide hours of shooting entertainment. The one piece design is simple to use and makes it easy for anyone to throw clay birds. Simply insert clay target and fling it to send the target...

  • Champion Traps and Targets

    Champion Traps and Targets - Rubber Strap Hanging Set

    Manufacture ID: 44111The Champion Rubber Strap Hanging Set hangs Center Mass AR500 steel targets up where they receive a massive reaction with each solid hit. The straps are made of double-ply rubber for ultimate durability; and the set contains all...

  • Do-All Traps

    Do-All Traps - Full Cock Trap - Double Thrower

    Manufacture ID: DT500Do-All traps are designed for the rigors of the busiest commercial range, yet value-priced for the weekend shooter. This model incorporates a patented 3-pivot mount, capable of throwing any target, at any angle, and at a speed that...