• Allen Cases

    Allen Cases - Holey Spinner Target

    Self-healing Spinning target with metal frame. Great for use with rimfire or highpower rifles or Handguns.Features:- Molded Figure 8 Design- Self Healing Material- Metal FrameSpecifications:- Firearms Upto: .45 Caliber- Color: Orange/Black

  • Allen Cases

    Allen Cases - Precision Target Stand

    Allen Precision Target StandFeatures:- Strong and Sturdy for Harsh Condition- Metal Frame Stores Compactly- Center Hideaway Compartments Holds Extra Accessories- 26.60" x 15 3/4" Coroplast Target Backer (Included)Specifications:- Color: Black

  • Caldwell

    Caldwell - Clay Launcher - Standard

    Manufacture ID: 505501The Caldwell Clay Launcher is designed to provide hours of shooting entertainment. The one piece design is simple to use and makes it easy for anyone to throw clay birds. Simply insert clay target and fling it to send the target...

  • Champion Traps and Targets

    Champion Traps and Targets - Easybird Oscillating Base

    Manufacture ID: 40913Easybird Auto-Feed Oscillating BaseFor use on EasyBird Auto-Feed, 6-Packer and Doubles traps.Features & Benefits- Clay position moves right and left with Oscillating Base attachment- Two arc setting (45 and 34.28 degrees for ATA...

  • Champion Traps and Targets

    Champion Traps and Targets - Easybird Wobbler

    Manufacture ID: 45324Champion's EasyBird trap throwers increase the challenge to the everyday trap enthusiast. Ideal for back-forty shooting and lengthy practice sessions with friends, the EasyBirds handle high-volume throwing with ease. The new Easybird...

  • Champion Traps and Targets

    Champion Traps and Targets - Rubber Strap Hanging Set

    Manufacture ID: 44111The Champion Rubber Strap Hanging Set hangs Center Mass AR500 steel targets up where they receive a massive reaction with each solid hit. The straps are made of double-ply rubber for ultimate durability; and the set contains all...

  • Champion Traps and Targets

    Champion Traps and Targets - Trap - 3/4 Cock Trap

    Manufacture ID: 40903Get professional-grade performance at an amateur price. Sold as a balanced foot release ground trap, this product also comes with a post mount. Features safety indicator ring, 3/4 cock, and double capability. Throws all sizes of...

  • Champion Traps and Targets

    Champion Traps and Targets - Workhorse Trap Taxi

    Manufacture ID: 40922Take the Workhorse Trap virtually anywhere with the Workhorse Trap Taxi. The adjustable launch angle moves anywhere from 0 - 30 for a customizable shooting experience.Features:- Durable steel frame withstands wear and tear- Easy to...

  • Do-All Traps

    Do-All Traps - Backyard Traps - Clay Hawk

    Manufacture ID: BY34Effortless cocking that will automatically return three-quarters of the way cockedIncludes steel stabilizing ground spikesThrows all five targets as singles or stacked doublesSliding adjustable clip allows for speed and direction...

  • Do-All Traps

    Do-All Traps - Full Cock Trap - Clay Hawk

    Manufacture ID: CH300The affordable and innovative Clay Hawk is the family choice for clay target entertainment. This model has an easily assembled tetrahedron base for strength and stability along with long ground spikes to grip the earth. Even though...

  • Do-All Traps

    Do-All Traps - Single Wireless Remote Kit(ALL AutoTraps)

    Manufacture ID: 01DWDo-All Outdoors Wireless Remote Kit is the easiest way to activate your clay target trap. You can be standing in any position around your Do-All Outdoors Aerial Assault Automatic Trap and still activate it using this handy shooting...