• Coghlans

    Coghlans - Camp Stove Toaster

    Manufacture ID: 504DThe original Camp Stove Toaster performs perfectly, toasting up to four slices at a time. Durable steel construction with coated wires fold flat for easy packing and will not rust.Diameter: 9

  • Coleman

    Coleman - Carry Case Stove

    Manufacture ID: 2000020969Add even more portability to your Coleman stove when you pack it in a durable Coleman Propane Stove Carry Case. This heavy-duty case protects the stove while you're storing it and transporting it. The bags strong, easy-carry...

  • Coleman

    Coleman - Dual Fuel Stove - 1 Burner Sporster

    Manufacture ID: 3000003654Cook breakfast, lunch and dinner in any weather - hot or cold - on the single-burner, fully-adjustable Coleman Sportster II Liquid Dual Fuel Stove. The cooking surface is compact enough to fit inside a pack, but large enough to...

  • Coleman

    Coleman - Griddle Accessory Roadtrip Cast

    Manufacture ID: 2000020981Coleman RoadTrip full size aluminum griddle can be use interchangeably and with other Road Trip accessories part 9941 & 9949. Perfect cast iron construction for even head distribution.Features:- Cast aluminum- Non-stick surface-...

  • Coleman

    Coleman - GRILL ADAPTER 1 LB C004

    Keep a Coleman Grill Adaptor on hand and don’t worry about running out of fuel at your BBQ. This adaptor attaches to any full-size propane gas grill.Specifications:- Attaches to any full-size propane grill- Allows for hook-up to a 1-lb. (0.45 kg) fuel...

  • Coleman

    Coleman - NXT Series - Griddle

    Manufacture ID: 2000012522Get more meals out of your Coleman NXT Grill by adding a heavy-duty Coleman NXT Griddle to one or both sides of the cooking surface. The porcelain-coated, cast iron cooking area evenly distributes the heat for pancakes, eggs and...

  • Coleman

    Coleman - NXT Series - Roadtrip Cover

    Manufacture ID: 2000012525Protect your Coleman RoadTrip and NXT grills from the wind and rain with a durable Coleman NXT RoadTrip Grill Cover. The full-length cover shields the grill on the top and sides. It's made of heavy-duty material that's designed...

  • Coleman

    Coleman - NXT Series - Stove

    Manufacture ID: 2000012524Get more meals out of your Coleman NXT Grill by adding a Coleman NXT Stove Grate to one or both sides of the cooking surface. The stainless steel cooking area evenly distributes the heat for soups, sauces and chili. When you're...

  • Coleman

    Coleman - Propane Adapter with 5 Foot Hose

    Manufacture ID: 2000014877Use your Coleman stoves and lanterns almost 20 times longer without refueling with help from the Coleman 5 Ft. High-Pressure Propane Hose and Adapter. This accessory is all you need to hook a 20-lb. tank to your camp stove or...

  • Coleman

    Coleman - Toaster Camp Stove

    Manufacture ID: 2000014517Enjoy toast and jam, even at the campsite, with the round Coleman Camp Stove Toaster. This chrome-plated accessory fits easily on any Coleman camp stove. Just set up the wire holders and put in up to four pieces of bread at a...

  • FireDisc Cookers

    FireDisc Cookers - 6' Tie Down Cable Lock, Red and Black

    Manufacture ID: TCGDSMLC6If you want to leave your FireDisc portable cooker unattended in camp but don’t want to put it in your vehicle to prevent theft, the FireDisc tie-down cable lock allows you to connect to a permanent structure. At 6' long, it...

  • Optimus

    Optimus - Crux New

    Manufacture ID: 8019260The Optimus Crux is the only stove that nests in unused space under fuel canister. Unique foldable burner provides ultimate compactability. Powerful and stable 3000 W burner (precise simmering and fast boiling). The lightweight...

  • Optimus

    Optimus - Nova & Nova + - Multitool

    Manufacture ID: 8016365Optimus Multitool for the Nova & Nova+Service functions: - 11 mm key forburner bottom nut - 10 mm key for fuel hose change - hook for pump valve - 7 mm key for pump leather cup - 8 mm slot for spindle nut - 6 mm key - screwdriver...

  • Optimus

    Optimus - Nova Stove

    Manufacture ID: 8016276The award this stove has received weighs more than the stove itself. An award winner many times over and the benchmark for outdoor cooking equipment standards, Optimus Nova has it all - performance, durability and ease of use...

  • Optimus

    Optimus - Optimus Canister Stand

    Manufacture ID: 8018910Foldable gas canister stand to increase stove stability for safer cooking. Fits small and large gas canisters up to 450 g (16 oz).Specifications:- Dimensions: 6.9" (4.7" x 0.8" folded)- Weight: 0.84 oz.

  • Optimus

    Optimus - Optimus Clip-On Windshield

    Manufacture ID: 8018907Lightweight, hard anodized aluminum clip-on windshield for use with canister mounted stoves. Increases stove efficiency and substantially reduces gas consumption.Fits every gas canister according to EN417 and pots with maximum...

  • Optimus

    Optimus - Optimus VEGA

    Manufacture ID: 8018505The ultimate in a multi-functional lightweight 4 season wonder. The Optimus Vega roars past its competitors that gasp and wheeze as soon as the temps go down. Colder than 0C? Just invert the gas fuel cartridge using the integrated...

  • Optimus

    Optimus - Polaris Pump Assembly

    Manufacture ID: 8019388Durable Flipstop aluminum fuel pump for the Optimus Polaris Optifuel stove. Clears the burner of fuel and depressurizes the fuel bottle after use. With quick connect fittings for increased safety and ease of use.Specifications:-...

  • Optimus

    Optimus - Svea Camp Stove

    Manufacture ID: 8016279The Svea an ultra-classic lightweight gasoline stove in solid brass. Widely used by climbers all over the world, this stove is renowned for its performance at high altitudes. As with the Hunter, it has a self-pressurized burner...

  • Ultimate Survival Technologies

    Ultimate Survival Technologies - PackIt Stove

    Manufacture ID: 20-12153When space in your pack is a priority, the PackIt Stove is the perfect compact cooking solution.Features:- Simple design is perfect for emergency situations when fuel is scarce- Strong aluminum alloy construction- Included biner...