• Birchwood Casey

    Birchwood Casey - Foam Plugs with Case 5 Pair

    Manufacture ID: 433055 Pair Disposable Ear Plugs, With CaseFeatures:- Comfortable Polyurethane Construction- Self Adjusting to Fit Any Ear- Economically Protect Your Valuable Hearing Specifications: - NRR Rating: 32dB- Quantity: 5 Pairs

  • Birchwood Casey

    Birchwood Casey - Krest Passive Muff 26dB

    Manufacture ID: 43215Birchwood Casey Krest 26 Muffs is our most powerful, passive noise reduction muffs. Featuring comfortable, padded ear cups and a padded fold away headband. These muffs are as comfortable as they are effective at reducing the harmful...

  • Browning

    Browning - Banded Ear Plugs

    Manufacture ID: 12686Hearing Protector, Banded PlugsSpecifications:- Foam earplugs contour to your outer ear canal for comfortable fit- Plastic headband fits comfortably around your head or neck- Comes with removable foam plugs- Folds up for easy...

  • Browning

    Browning - Buckmark II Hearing Protection - for Her

    Manufacture ID: 12687Browning Buckmark II Hearing Protector Ear Muffs For Her, Pink and BlackFeatures:- Adjustable Fit Ear Muffs with Padded Headband- Meets ANSI S3.19 Noise Reduction Standards- Noise Reduction Rating 26 Decibels- Pink/Black in color

  • Browning

    Browning - Range Kit II For Her Hear Pro

    Manufacture ID: 126373Your sense of sight and hearing are irreplaceable - make sure you protect them while enjoying the shooting sports.Specifications:- Material: Plastic- Color: Pink- Components: Foam Earplugs, Glasses, Muff- NRR Rating: 26 dB- Weight:...

  • Caldwell

    Caldwell - Eyes and Ears Belt Clip

    Manufacture ID: 417600The Caldwell Eyes and Ears Belt Clip offers shooters a secure, convenient location to store both eye and ear protection when not in use. Ideal for on the range, at the clay stand or in the field, the Eyes and Ears Belt Clip puts an...

  • Caldwell

    Caldwell - Low Profile Range Muff

    Manufacture ID: 498024The Caldwell Range Muffs are designed for comfort and maximum hearing protection. They feature foam filled ear cups with padded ear cushions to be extremely comfortable for all day use. The adjustable padded headband allows for a...

  • Caldwell

    Caldwell - Range Plugs with Cord

    Manufacture ID: 568231Never lose your earplugs again with Caldwell Range Plugs with cord and clip. Caldwell designed these Range Plugs to have a tapered shape, made of a polyurethane foam to make them easy to insert and comfortable for hours of use. The...

  • Champion Traps and Targets

    Champion Traps and Targets - Ear Muffs - Slim, Passive

    Manufacture ID: 40971Slim Passive Hearing Muffs 21dB NRR Enjoy safe shooting with new sound dampening ear muffs from Champion. These comfortable, stylish muffs provide superior hearing protection while remaining light and comfortable for the shooter...

  • Champion Traps and Targets

    Champion Traps and Targets - Ear Plugs - 6 Pair, Foam

    Manufacture ID: 40958Champion promotes safe shooting with their new Molded Foam Plugs. Designed to contour to a shooters ear, these soft foam plugs provide a comfortable fit that reduces the harmful noise levels commonly found at ranges. Dont let your...

  • Howard Leight

    Howard Leight - Leightning L0F Super Slimline

    Manufacture ID: R-01523The Leightning earmuffs provide protection from damaging noise levels while delivering to users an unprecedented degree of comfort. The earmuffs use Air Flow Control technology that dictates how sound reaches the ear, producing...

  • Howard Leight

    Howard Leight - Leightning L2F Folding Earmuff

    Manufacture ID: R-01525Howard Leight Leightning L2F Folding Earmuff, Black/GrayFeatures:- Leightning L2F earmuff folds for convenient storage- Padded foam headband and super soft ear cushions for extended wear- Stylish, slim earcups- Black headband with...

  • Howard Leight

    Howard Leight - Smart Fit Corded Ear Plugs w/CC-2 Pair

    Manufacture ID: R-01520Howard Leight SmartFit Corded Ear Plugs with Carrying CaseFeatures:- A revolution in personal fit, made with Conforming Material Technology- Advanced material uses body heat to adapt to the shape of an individual ear canal- Fits...

  • Otis Technologies

    Otis Technologies - EarShield Replacement Cuffs

    Manufacture ID: FG-ESH-COtis EarShield Replacement CuffsFeatures:- Expertly crafted from premium materials- Designed to match rigorous quality standards- High quality at a budget-friendly price Specifications: - Fits: 26dB and 31dB Models- Quantity:...

  • Otis Technologies

    Otis Technologies - Flugz 21 dB Hearing Protection

    Manufacture ID: FG-FL-1CWhen it comes to hearing protection, most experts agree the best protection is the one that fits the best and feels the most comfortable to you every time you wear it. Flugz are a completely unique type of formable hearing...

  • Peltor

    Peltor - 95 Behind-the-Head Earmuffs - Beige

    Manufacture ID: H6B/V3M Peltor Optime 95 behind-the-head earmuffs feature low-profile earcups that fit well with most helmets, eyewear and other safety equipment. Provides effective hearing protection against high-frequency noise.For noise levels up to...

  • Peltor

    Peltor - 95 Behind-the-Head Earmuffs - Beige/Black

    Manufacture ID: H6A/V3M Peltor PTL Optime 95 Over-the-Head- Folding Earmuffs, Hearing Conservation, is recommended for environments with noise levels up to 95 dBA. Made of ABS plastics, the earmuffs are ultra-light at only 6.5 ounces, a comfort feature...

  • Peltor

    Peltor - Banded Style Hearing Protector

    Manufacture ID: 97065-00001Peltor Banded Style Hearing ProtectorNRR 28dB. Comfortable, soft pods. Lightweight earmuff alternative. Multiple wearing positions. Can be worn with hats. Washable and detachable pods.

  • Peltor

    Peltor - Blasts Disposable Earplugs

    Manufacture ID: 97080-10CThe Peltor Blasts Disposable Plugs can provide you the maximum comfort for hearing protection. With ultra soft foam material, these bullet shaped Peltor Blasts Disposable Plugs are easy to insert and remove from your ears. The...

  • Peltor

    Peltor - Junior Earmuff - Pink

    Manufacture ID: 97022-6C3M Peltor Junior Earmuff, Pink Peltor Junior Earmuffs are designed expressly for protecting smaller heads from noise while hunting and shooting. Suitable for juniors age 13 and up, they have a noise reduction rating of 22. The...

  • Peltor

    Peltor - Reusable Tri-Flange Earplugs, 3 Pairs/Pack

    Manufacture ID: 97317-10C3M Peltor Tri-Flange Next Earplugs, Green, 3 Pair/PackThree pair of corded re-usable triple flange earplugs with convenient carrying case.Features:- NRR 26 dB- Innovative, Comfortable Triple Flange Design- Non-Irritating Soft...

  • Peltor

    Peltor - Sport - Sport, Ultimate, HP 30 NRR

    Manufacture ID: 97042-PEL-6CDesign for safety without sacrificing comfort, the Peltor Sport Ultimate Hearing Protector reduces sound levels for reliable passive hearing protection. Peltor Sport's highest NRR earmuff provides superior comfort and...