Repair Parts & Accessories

  • Adventure Medical

    Adventure Medical - SOL Series - Duct Tape (2" x 50)

    Manufacture ID: 0140-1005Industrial strength duct tape in back-country-portable rolls - the closest thing there is to a "Get out of Jail Free" card.Features:- Back-country Portable: Two easily packable 2" x 50" rolls.- Do Anything: Nothing is impossible...

  • Big Agnes 2

    Big Agnes 2 - mtnGLO PowerCase Mini

    Manufacture ID: APMMG16Compact and protective neoprene case with an integrated power supply designated to charge and protect your phone and other electronic devices on the go Features:- Neoprene cace keeps ypur electronics organized and protected from...

  • Big Agnes 2

    Big Agnes 2 - Powerstation Loft Joey Power mtnGLO

    Manufacture ID: APLMG15Part of the Big Agnes mtnGLO collection, the Powercase/Loft is a protective multi-use case with an integrated power supply designed to charge and protect your phone, tablet and other electronic devices. Enjoy the simple convenience...

  • Chinook

    Chinook - Taffeta Repair Tape Black

    Manufacture ID: 62004K-Tape Taffeta Nylon Repair Tape will repair all smooth nylon fabrics and is easy to apply with pressure sensitive self-sticking tape. This repair tape is durable, will withstand weather condition and repeated washing...

  • Chinook

    Chinook - Tent Accessory Kit

    Manufacture ID: 18170Tent Accessory Kit - Contains rubber mallet, brush, dustpan, 2 guyline ropes and tighteners, peg puller, 8 steel pegs, and mesh bag.Contents: - Rubber mallet- Brush/dustpan- 2 guyline ropes and tighteners- Peg puller- 8 steel pegs -...

  • Coghlans

    Coghlans - Fiberglas Tent Pole Repair Kit

    Manufacture ID: 1490The Coghlans Fiberglass Tent Pole Replacement Kit replaces broken or damaged tent poles. Four 9.5 mm fiberglass poles with ferrules are included for providing stability and structure to your shelter. Durable materials make this...

  • Coghlans

    Coghlans - Inside/Outside Tent Mat

    Manufacture ID: 0690The all-purpose mat for inside and outside your tent or RV! Features a non-skid natural rubber backing. Soil, stain, mold and mildew resistant. Made of 100% olefin yarns. Machine washableSpecifications:- Size: 1.5' x 2.33'

  • Coghlans

    Coghlans - Pop-Up Camp Trash Can

    Manufacture ID: 1219Lightweight and handy trash can to have around the campsite, RV, or motor home. This portable collapsible trash can is perfect for travel, and also makes a great laundry or storage bin. When you're finished using it, simply push it...

  • Coghlans

    Coghlans - Screen Patches

    Manufacture ID: 8150Ideal repair for nylon, metal or fiberglass screens. Easy to use pressure sensitive patch.Specifications:- Contains: 3 - 5" x 6 1/2" pieces

  • Coghlans

    Coghlans - Sewing Kit

    Manufacture ID: 8205A handy companion for campers, backpackers and travelers.Features:- Contains: 150' of thread in an assortment of colors- 8 buttons- 2 snaps- 5 safety pins- 2 straight pins- 5 needles- A needle threader - Thimble and scissors

  • Coghlans

    Coghlans - Tarp Clips

    Manufacture ID: 1014These tarp clips are hands-down the best tarp clip made. Features:- Constructed from a durable nylon resin - They grip harder as more weight is exerted onto the clips jaws - Ideal for securing tarps and tents - They can support up to...

  • Coghlans

    Coghlans - Tent Peg Remover

    Manufacture ID: 715Removes all types of tent pegs in a jiffy. It features hardened steel construction and a soft rubber handle. Specifications:- Tent peg remover made with hardened steel - The soft rubber handle makes this an easy-to-use tent peg puller

  • Coghlans

    Coghlans - Tent Repair Kit

    Manufacture ID: 703Everything you need for quick emergency repairs to your tent.Specifications:- Contains: 2 pieces approximately 8" x 8" waterproof canvas material- 1 piece approximately 8" x 8" nylon window screen- Needle - Thread- Tube of Coghlans...

  • Coleman

    Coleman - Fan - Mini Zephyr, Red

    Manufacture ID: 2000016472Whether you're at the game, the camp site or the beach, you'll always have your own mini cooling station with a red Coleman Cool Zephyr Mini Fan.Features:- Mini hand-held cooling station- Two fan blades- Powered by two AA-cell...

  • Coleman

    Coleman - Fan - Tent Ceiling Cool Zephyr

    Manufacture ID: 2000016470Conquer the outdoors in comfort and convenience with help from a Coleman Cool Zephyr Ceiling Fan with Light. This portable ventilation and lighting system gets the air circulating anywhere in any tent. Just set the magnetic side...

  • Coleman

    Coleman - Fan Zephyr Cup Holder

    Manufacture ID: 2000022365Coleman Cup Holder FanFeatures:- Battery lock system stops battery drain to preserve battery life and reduce corrosion- Fits most Coleman cup holders- 2 modes: High, Low Specifications:- Runtime: TBD Hours(High) TBD...

  • Coleman

    Coleman - Seam Sealer No Brush

    Manufacture ID: 2000016520Stop the rain from dripping through your tent seams with help from a Coleman Seam Sealer with Brush Top. The built-in applicator pad allows you to work the fast-drying, water-based urethane formula into seams and corners to...

  • Gear Aid

    Gear Aid - Gore-Tex Repair Kit 2 Patch, Black

    Manufacture ID: 15310The GORE-TEX Fabric Repair Kit is the essential for field repairs to rainwear and skiwear. Kit includes two adhesive backed GORE-TEX fabric pressure-sensitive patches. Ideal for all GORE-TEX outwear.Specifications:- Essential for...

  • Gear Aid

    Gear Aid - Seam Grip - .25oz Repair Kit

    Manufacture ID: 10591Seam Grip Pad repair kit for instant repairs to tents, Therma-A-Rest mattresses, outerwear, packs and more. Includes an expert field repair guide, 1/4oz seam grip, 2 removable tenacious tape patches, applicator brush and convenient...

  • Gear Aid

    Gear Aid - Seamsure 2oz

    Manufacture ID: 10601Seam Sure water based seam sealer is fast drying, with water based urethane formula for sealing sewn seams on tents, packs and other gear. Easy to use, and ideal for large family and "cabin style" tents. Dries to a clear, long...

  • PahaQue

    PahaQue - Basecamp 6p Rainfly

    Manufacture ID: PQF10RAdds an extra layer of waterproof security to the Basecamp 6-person Tent. Features:- Custom fit- Waterproof material and tape-sealed seams- Partial coverage fly allows use of windows and door while keeping you dry- Provides an added...

  • PahaQue

    PahaQue - Cottonwood Sidewall - 12x12

    Manufacture ID: CW20SPahaQue Cottonwood 12x12 Sidewall allows you to add protection from wind or sun, on any side of your Cottonwood LT 12x12 Shade Shelter. Attaches easily using toggle hooks at the four corners of the sidewall, and can be easily...