Miscellaneous Bowfishing Accessories

  • RPM Bowfishing

    Rpm Bowfishing Lockerarrow Holder

    Attached to the riser using the sight bar or quiver holes, The Locker holds arrow shafts securely, safely, and out of the water. Stainless steel hardware and rugged nylon construction combine to provide years of service.

  • RPM Bowfishing

    Rpm Bowfishing Monkey Wire150 Ft.

    Abrasion resistant and rated at 200 lb. tensile strength, Monkey Wire is fashioned from the same material that goes into creating bulletproof vests. Monkey Wire’s small diameter means you get 50 percent more line on your reel. For spinning reels only.

  • RPM Bowfishing

    Rpm Bowfishing Sidewinderarrow Holder

    The SideWinder is constructed of rugged aircraft aluminum and includes stainless mounting hardware. This teamed up with the Locker (included) turns your bow into a finger saving spinner shooters dream. Easy to mount in the existing quiver bolt holes.