Metal Detectors & Accessories

  • Barska Optics

    Barska Optics - Headphone for Metal Detector

    Manufacture ID: AF12274Barska Optics Headphones for Metal Detector (AF12274)Lose yourself in sound by eliminating the noise around you with these over the ear headphones.Features:- Adjustable padded headband- Padded ear cushions- Single sided long cord...

  • Barska Optics

    Barska Optics - Metal Detector - Handheld

    Manufacture ID: BE12232Barska Optics Handheld Metal Detecor (BE12232)Can be used in tight spaces where metal objects may exist.Featutres:- Lightweight and compact- Detection results are audio and visual- Includes wrist strap- Adjustable sensitivity-...

  • Barska Optics

    Barska Optics - Metal Detector - Master 200

    Manufacture ID: BE12596Discover what's hidden right under your feet with the Winbest Master 200 Metal Detector by Barska. The Master 200 Detector features a user-friendly interface that displays the type of metal it's detecting right on the screen, so...

  • Barska Optics

    Barska Optics - Metal Detector - Pro 200

    Manufacture ID: BE12592The Pro 200 Metal Detector from Barska is a user-friendly metal detector with adjustable sensitivity and an easy-to-read display. The Pro 200 allows you to search for different kinds of metals by adjusting the sensitivity, and...

  • Barska Optics

    Barska Optics - Surveyor 100 Hand Held Metal Detector

    Manufacture ID: BE12744The Surveyor-100 Handheld Metal Detector is a versatile compact wand detector with many applications. The Surveyor-100 features a vibrating pulse indicator and flashing LED lights when metal is detected. The Surveyor-100 Detector...

  • Do-All Traps

    Do-All Traps - Seeker Metal Detector - Large

    Manufacture ID: SK2000SK2000 – Do All Gun Security Seeker Metal Detector (large)Features:- Detects Ferrous and Non Ferrous metals- Audible and silent modes- Meets NIJ (National Institute of Justice) standards - Durable high impact polycarbonate...