Knives & Accessories

  • CAS Hanwei

    CAS Hanwei - Machete - Reliance, 20" Blade

    Manufacture ID: KO65201Okapi is a pocket knife and hand-tool manufacturing company based on the North-East coast of South Africa. Supplying Africa with affordable, highly durable and functional knives and agricultural tools for 112 years has been no...

  • Buck Knives

    Fishing Nippers - 2" Length, Boxed

    Manufacture ID: 95087TTBWhether out on the lake, ocean, or river, a reliable tool is a requirement for any outdoorsman or outdoorswoman. Buck's large collection of fishing tools are designed with reliability and durability, creating a favorite for the...

  • Gerber Blades

    Gerber Blades - Mini Fast Draw - Serrated Edge

    Manufacture ID: 22-41525An extremely capable knife, the Mini-Fastdraw blends the excitement of the original F.A.S.T. design, the Fastdraw, into a compact package that fits perfectly in any pocket. It has a textured handle, with integrated safety and lock...

  • Gerber Blades

    Gerber Blades - Vital Pack - Saw

    Manufacture ID: 31-002741With a clever blunt hooked tip and simple, straightforward structure, the innovative, high-visual orange handled Vital Pack Saw makes the work of dressing big game wonderfully efficient.With a rubber handle that's structured to...

  • Winchester Knives

    Jigged Bone Knives - 3 Blade Stockman

    Manufacture ID: 22-41775This beautiful Jigged Bone 3 Blade Stockman Knife is one of Winchesters favorite. The genuine Jigged Bone Handles provide a combination of tradition and durability while only the best 420A stainless steel is used for strong,...

  • Cold Steel

    Wakizashi Bokken

    Manufacture ID: 92BKKBZThe improved Japanese Training Swords are closely modeled after the world-famous Warrior series swords. Featuring an intricately detailed imitation cord wrap grip – molded in high impact polypropylene – they offer...