Hatsan - Magazine -  S/roto Index  .177 - 12 Shot

Hatsan - Magazine - S/roto Index .177 - 12 Shot

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Make sure that you can keep shooting from an array of Hatsan airguns with the S/Roto Index Magazine. Available in a 14 shot .177 caliber magazine, a 12 shot .22 caliber magazine, and a 10 shot .25 caliber magazine, the S/Roto Index is built from lightweight synthetic and acrylic and made to last. Additionally, the Hatsan S/Roto Index Magazine is compatible with the Flash and FlashPup series airguns.


- S/Roto Index Magazine
- Replacement magazine for Hatsan brand airguns
- Lightweight synthetic and acrylic construction


- Compatible with: Flash and FlashPup series airguns
- Caliber: .177
- Magazine Capacity: 12 Shots

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Hatsan - Magazine - .177, 10 Shot

Manufacture ID: HA90300Hatsan 10-shot .177 Caliber Magazine will allow you to spend less time loading your gun while shooting.Specifications:- Compatible with Hatsan PCP 10-Shot Air Guns- Capacity:...