• American Hunter

    American Hunter Bag Feeder Collapsible

    The collapsible 11.2 gallon feeder bag is constructed of heavy duty nylon. Features a digital clock feeder with an adjustable feed rate from 1 to 30 seconds, can feed 1 to 16 times per day and can feed different days of the week. Centrifugal spin force...

  • American Hunter

    American Hunter Digital Feeder Kit

    Digital clock feeder featuring an adjustable feed rate of 1 to 30 seconds. Feeds 1 to 16 times per day or can feed different days of the week. Folds down to less than 10". Powered by 8 AA batteries.

  • American Hunter

    American Hunter Economy Kit Feeder Kit

    Feeder kit with photocell technology allows feeding at day light and again up to 12 hours later. Features an adjustable feed rate (1-30 sec), galvanized metal construction, a powder coated black metal downspout and a high torque motor. Operates on one 6...

  • American Hunter

    American Hunter Hanging Feeder Analog 50 lb. Capacity

    Hanging feeder with 50 lb. capacity, featuring analog clock timer and built in varmint guard. Feeds 1-24 times per day, and has an adjustable feed rate (1-30 seconds). Includes powder coated "No Blow" slinger. Pre-wired for varmint buster and solar panel...

  • American Hunter

    American Hunter RD-Pro Analog Feeder Kit

    Analog clock timer and guard feeds 1-24 times per day. Adjustable feed rate (1-30 sec). Fits almost any feed container and is pre-wired for accessories. Features a weather resistant housing with built in varmint guard. Requires 6V battery (not...

  • American Hunter

    American Hunter RD-Pro Digital Feeder Kit

    Digital clock timer and guard. Feeds 1-16 times per day, allowing feeding at different time’s different days of the week. Adjustable feed rate (1-30 sec). Fits almost any feed container and is pre-wired for accessories. Weather resistant housing with...

  • American Hunter

    American Hunter Solar Charger 6V

    Converts sunlight into electric power for charging 6 volt rechargeable batteries. Weatherproof, rustproof and corrosive resistant. Fits R-kits, RD-kits and Pro Series kits.

  • American Hunter

    American Hunter Sun Slinger Feeder Kit

    Features a built-in solar panel. Feeds 1 to 16 times per day. Can feed different days of the week. Easy touch digital timer makes set-up quick and easy. Requires 6 Volt rechargeable battery (not included). Includes built-in 6 Volt solar charger and...

  • American Hunter

    American Hunter Swine Shine Hog Light

    Swine Shine Hog Light features 36 green LED's, 360 degree PIR motion sensor, CDS light sensor and 180 seconds of light per triggering. High, medium and low light power modes. Weather resistant ABS housing can handle extreme temperatures. Includes...

  • American Hunter

    American Hunter Tripod Feeder Digital 225 lb. Capacity

    Heavy duty poly barrel feeder featuring a quick release lid, and (3) 8 ft. sectional heavy duty galvanized legs with metal leg mounts. Digital clock timer features adjustable feed rate (1-30 sec.) and can feed 1-16 times per day, or feed different days...

  • Antler King

    Antler King - Food Plot Seed - Lights Out

    Manufacture ID: 12LOLights Out Forage Oats & More is an awesome all fall hunt plot that will attract deer all Fall and Winter. The special varieties of Forage Oats, Turnips and Canola will be highly sought after food sources by the whole deer family...

  • Antler King

    Antler King - Food Plot Seed - No Sweat

    Manufacture ID: 45NSAntler King's No Sweat No Till Plot Mix is an excellent mix for minimum or no till plots such as logging roads, shady areas or where you cannot use equipment. No Sweat contains the ideal mix of perennial and annual seeds, which have...

  • Antler King

    Antler King - Planting Food Plots From A-Z DVD

    Manufacture ID: AZDVDFinally there is a DVD that tells you everything you need to know about planting food plots. Antler King’s Planting Food Plots From A-Z DVD used nearly 20 years of research and trial and error to create a food plot DVD that anyone...

  • Primos

    Primos - APORKALYPSE Now (Black Granular HOG)

    Manufacture ID: 58901Aporkalypse is a year round pig attractant that wild hogs cant resist. Pour directly on the ground, mix in to your feeder, or dump in a hog wallow to keep the pigs coming in. Specifications:- Create an Aporkalypse on your property-...

  • Primos Hunting

    Primos Hunting - Bran

    Manufacture ID: 58525Primos Take Out "Row Crop", Deer Attractant Features:- Provides needed proteins and fat a deer body demands- Same ingredients that pull deer into farmers' fields- Food that deer love and in any region- All natural, no artificial...

  • Primos Hunting

    Primos Hunting - Bubbling Crude - for Hogs

    Manufacture ID: 58541Proprietary formula reacts with water to expand and release aroma of sweet smelling attractant that hogs cannot resist.Features:- Proprietary formula reacts with water to expand and release aroma- Sweet smell and pig specific...

  • Primos Hunting

    Primos Hunting - Fall Harvest

    Manufacture ID: 58524Gives off a strong aroma to bring deer in close and come back for more. Made with a special blend of natural ingredients that deer can't resist. Flavors leech into the soil to attract deer even after the attractant is gone.Features:-...

  • Primos Hunting

    Primos Hunting - Take Out Grain & Acorn 5 Lb, Bag

    Primos Take Out is no ordinary run of the mill attractant. All-natural, nutrient loaded supplements for growing big racks and promoting healthy deer. Take Out speeds antler growth with essential minerals, protein-packed nutrition and habit-forming...

  • Rhino Blind

    Rhino Outpost Feeder 20 lb. Capacity

    The Outpost feeder holds up to 20 pounds of feed and weighs only 25 pounds completely full. The included carrying bag makes moving the feeder simple and convenient. With the Outpost feeder's included timer and motorized feeding mechanism, you can choose...

  • White Gold

    White Gold Acorn Nugget10 Lbs.

    The White Gold Acorn Nugget is a 10lb Brick that is a long lasting, cooked attractant, designed to draw deer back to your hunting area. The Acorn Nugget consist of whole and ground acorns mixed with an apple aroma that is highly attractive to deer.

  • White Gold

    White Gold Bonanza Seed13 Lbs.

    Bonanza is a seed blend containing 12 different high quality seeds together perfectly for one ultimate plot. Planted in early Fall, Bonanza will provide quick lush forage, cover, weed suppression and soil building characteristics that will draw and hold...

  • White Gold

    White Gold Clover Rush Seed5 Lbs.

    Clover Rush is a mix using 5 different Clovers ( Advantage Ladino, Kopu II, Berseem, Gallant and Jumbo Clover) with a 10 percent Chicory mixed in. This is a high tonnage producing perennial mix that can last up to 6 or more years if properly maintained.

  • White Gold

    White Gold Gold Mine Seed3.5 Lbs.

    Gold Mine is a high tonnage annual Brassica Mix that is designed as a spring plant food plot. This mix consist of Sunn Hemp, Sugar Beets, Turnips and Crimson Clover which are all highly attractive to deer. This is truly a year-round food source as the...

  • White Gold

    White Gold Green Monster Seed25 Lbs.

    Green Monster is a 8-10 ft. tall versatile mix that is perfect for borders, screening and habitat cover. Deer like to feel secure when entering and feeding in a food plot. Green Monster is the perfect solution for planting along food plot edges or in...

  • White Gold

    White Gold Winter Klondike Seed25 Lbs.

    Winter Klondike is a high protein/high fiber cereal grain mix that is ideal as a fall perennial. It will grow in a wide range of soil conditions and help condition poor soils for future plantings.