• Allen

    Allen Meat Wagon Game Cart

    The Meat Wagon Game Cart is an easy way to haul your largest of harvests with ease. With a solid aluminum frame that will hold up season after season and heavy duty anti-puncture wheels, all you need to do is unfold it, load it up, and head back to the...

  • Big Dog

    Big Dog Meat Matt

    Four straps to secure game while transporting, two straps to secure to harness drag or ATV, engineered to create less drag, 72" long, 32" wide, and made of low density polyethylene material.

  • Summit

    Summit Game Cart

    Has a 350 lb. carrying capacity, solid steel axle and heavy duty 16" diameter hardened rubber wheels, and features a convenient folding frame for storage and transporting. The curved handle gives you more control and leverage with a heavy load.