• Barnett

    Barnett Cross Crossbow Sling

    Designed to fit any brand of crossbows. It offers extreme grip and eliminates sliding or bouncing and even eliminates squeaking in -20 to 50 degree weather and in less than perfect conditions. Adjusts from 32" to 40". Has quick release so the weapons...

  • Barnett

    Barnett Talon Crossbow Sling

    Designed specifically for Barnett Crossbows, the Talon offers extreme grip, even in less than perfect conditions and a quick release feature so that weapons are quickly and quietly released without tools. Adjustable from 32" to 40".

  • Buck Baits

    Buck Baits Crossbow Carry Sling Riser Mount

    Buck Baits Crossbow Carry Sling Riser Mount allows you to carry your cross bow and moves the weight of the crossbow from the arms to the shoulder. Stiffened portion of sling keeps it out of string path of your arrow and out of the way for cocking. Comes...

  • Buck Baits

    Buck Baits Crossbow Carry Sling Stirup Mount

    Buck Baits Crossbow Carry Sling Stirrup Mount automatically stays out of the way to shoot on or off your shoulder. Stiffened portion of sling keeps it out of string path of your arrow and out of the way for cocking. Also converts to on the back carrying...

  • Excalibur

    Excalibur Butt X-Tender Black

    The X-Tender adds up to 1" of length to any Excalibur crossbow stock so the “big guys” can appreciate the Excalibur advantage in total comfort. The X-Tender clips onto any of our stocks in seconds to securely and quietly increase length of pull by 1/2,...

  • Excalibur

    Excalibur Ex-Sling

    The Ex-Sling features non-slip shoulder grips, universal heavy duty swivels, quickly adjustable straps and additional clip on traps for accessory storage. Works on all models of crossbows.

  • Limbsaver

    Limbsaver Kodiak Air Crossbow Sling Muddy Girl

    Air-Web pattern keeps you comfortable and cool as it evenly distributes the weight of your crossbow. Extra flexible design molds and bends to you body and holds your crossbow tight to your back. Features ergonomic, adjustable hand grip for added comfort...

  • October Mountain

    October Mountain CrossbowSling Universal

    Designed to provide all-day comfort and control in the field. Heavy Duty neoprene strap features a rubberized non-slip backing, to ensure slip resistant maneuverability. Fully adjustable design for a custom fit, and comes with quick- detach swivels, for...

  • October Mountain

    October Mountain Xcursion Universal Sling Black

    Multi-function sling designed for use with crossbows and firearms. Comfortable slip-proof shoulder pad ensures slip resistant maneuverability. Features convenient elastic loops for holding accessories or ammunition. Fully adjustable design for a custom...

  • CVA

    Quake Claw Crossbow Sling Green

    Designed for rugged, demanding conditions, the Claw Crossbow Sling uses a quick disconnect clip to hold the top heavy crossbow firmly against the user’s body for hands free, struggle free walking and stalking. With a simple flick of the thumb, the clip...

  • Ravin

    Ravin Crossbow Sling

    The Ravin Shoulder Sling protects your cams, cables and strings while moving to and from a stand or scanning the terrain with your binoculars. This padded non-slip, removable shoulder sling is a must for the mobile hunter. Features an adjustable 2.5?...