Repair and Miscellaneous Parts

  • Coleman - Fuel Filler Assembly


    Coleman - Fuel Filler Assembly

    Manufacture ID: 3000002657Avoid the mess of spilling your Coleman Liquid Fuel with help from a Coleman Fuel Filler Assembly. This attachment simply screws onto any Coleman Liquid Fuel can spout and acts as a funnel to the appliance.Features:- Attaches to...

  • Coleman - Hose HP Extension 8'


    Coleman - Hose HP Extension 8'

    Manufacture ID: 2000015160Use your Coleman stoves and lanterns almost 20 times longer without refueling with help from the Coleman 8' Propane Hose. This accessory allows you to hook a 20-lb. tank to your camp stove or lantern for high-pressure fuel. The...

  • FireDisc Cookers - 6' Tie Down Cable Lock, Red and Black

    FireDisc Cookers

    FireDisc Cookers - 6' Tie Down Cable Lock, Red and Black

    Manufacture ID: TCGDSMLC6If you want to leave your FireDisc portable cooker unattended in camp but don’t want to put it in your vehicle to prevent theft, the FireDisc tie-down cable lock allows you to connect to a permanent structure. At 6' long, it...

  • FireDisc Cookers - Wind Helmet, Stainless Steel

    FireDisc Cookers

    FireDisc Cookers - Wind Helmet, Stainless Steel

    Manufacture ID: TCGWH4LWhen Mother Nature decides to unleash her windy wrath, FireDisc fans can keep on cooking, thanks to the innovative FireDisc Wind Helmet. It blocks the wind, keeping the flame focused on the cooker, maximizing heat transfer, and...

  • Optimus - Hiker + Extensive Repair Kit


    Optimus - Hiker + Extensive Repair Kit

    Manufacture ID: 8017988Optimus Hiker+ Repair Kit, ExtensiveKit Includes:- Cleaning needle- Lubricant- Jet- Pre-heating pad- 2 O-rings for spindle- 2 Fuel filters- Pump valve- Burner plate- Pump leather- Packing for tank lid- Multitool

  • Optimus - Nova & Nova + - Multitool


    Optimus - Nova & Nova + - Multitool

    Manufacture ID: 8016365Optimus Multitool for the Nova & Nova+Service functions: - 11 mm key forburner bottom nut - 10 mm key for fuel hose change - hook for pump valve - 7 mm key for pump leather cup - 8 mm slot for spindle nut - 6 mm key - screwdriver...

  • Optimus - Optimus Canister Stand


    Optimus - Optimus Canister Stand

    Manufacture ID: 8018910Foldable gas canister stand to increase stove stability for safer cooking. Fits small and large gas canisters up to 450 g (16 oz).Specifications:- Dimensions: 6.9" (4.7" x 0.8" folded)- Weight: 0.84 oz.

  • Optimus - Polaris Pump Assembly


    Optimus - Polaris Pump Assembly

    Manufacture ID: 8019388Durable Flipstop aluminum fuel pump for the Optimus Polaris Optifuel stove. Clears the burner of fuel and depressurizes the fuel bottle after use. With quick connect fittings for increased safety and ease of use.Specifications:-...

  • Optimus - Vega Wind Foil (Aluminum Wind Screen)


    Optimus - Vega Wind Foil (Aluminum Wind Screen)

    Manufacture ID: 8018802This wind foil is quickly fitted around the stove and adjusts perfectly to the size of the pot due to its two setting positions. This improves the efficiency of cooking and makes sure that your outdoor meals will be a success even...