Cajun Fish Stick Pro Rtf Package45 Lb. Rh

Cajun Fish Stick Pro Rtf Package45 Lb. Rh

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Measuring 56 inches long with a peak draw weight of 45 lbs., the Fish Stick Pro comes equipped with the Spin Doctor bowfishing reel, a red reel seat, a Brush Fire arrow rest, and a Piranha arrow and point. The reel, designed to endure the rigors of the sport, features dual pickup pins with full metal assembly, a longer hood, and a larger hole design for better line feeding. The Brush Fire arrow rest features a Teflon impregnated insert on bottom for durability with replaceable bristles for full containment. The Fish Stick Pro also includes a no-slip grip and Blister Buster finger pads for a consistent shot every time.

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Cajun Fish Stick RTF Package 45 lbs. RH

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