• Camillus Cutlery Company

    Camillus Cutlery Company - 10" Cloak Folding Saw

    Manufacture ID: 19838Camillus CLOAK titanium bonded Folding Saw features a 4.25" blade with a 420 stainless steel and a glass filled nylon handle featuring Prym1 design. titanium bonded surface treatment offers enhanced edge retention corrosion and...

  • Camillus Cutlery Company

    Camillus Cutlery Company - 11" Rig Hatchet

    Manufacture ID: 19836Camillus Rig Titanium Bonded Hatchet features a 4" blade with 420 stainless steel. Handle features a Prym1 design. Blade has a Titanium Bonded Proprietary Surface Treatment that offers enhanced edge retention corrosion and adhesive...

  • Camillus Cutlery Company

    Camillus Cutlery Company - CamTrax Axe and Folding Saw Combo

    Manufacture ID: 19142The CamTrax Axe and Folding Saw Combo from Camillus can fulfil and move away any obstacles that may get in your way. Constructed out of titanium stainless steel, the CamTrax is made with the combination of an axe and a 7" saw blade...

  • Camillus Cutlery Company

    Camillus Cutlery Company - Western Blackriver Hatchet 11.50"

    Manufacture ID: 19229Western Knives have been built tough and proven durable since 1911. Western has now combined it's century old heritage with the very latest in knife-making technology to provide the very best hand-crafted hunting and sporting knives...

  • Cold Steel

    Cold Steel - Pipe Hawk

    Manufacture ID: 90PHH* This item does not function as an actual smoking pipe.Do you prize the look and authentic lines of a traditional Pipe Hawk, but have little use for the hollow bowl and the strength-compromised, drilled-out wooden "smoking" handle?...

  • Cold Steel

    Cold Steel - Viking Hand Axe

    Manufacture ID: 90WVBAThe Viking Hand Axe brings together a stout 30" American Ash handle, an extra broad, sharp cutting edge, a hooking "beard", and up-swept thrusting "horn" to make a formidable fighting axe that would be the pride of any Viking's...

  • Cold Steel

    Cold Steel - War Hawk

    Manufacture ID: 90PTWHThe War Hawk combines the tactical styling and material used in the famous Trench Hawk with historically inspired design elements from classic fighting hand-axes of cold. With its wide "bearded" axe head and curved reinforced...

  • Cuda Brand Fishing Products

    Cuda Brand Fishing Products - 8" Detachable Marine Shear

    Manufacture ID: 18854This 8" Marine Shear features detachable handles for easy cleaning. Blades are Titanium Bonded High-Carbon Steel which is 3x harder than untreated steel and will stay sharper longer. One blade edge can be used as a fish scaler and...

  • Gerber Blades

    Gerber Blades - Vital Pack - Saw

    Manufacture ID: 31-002741With a clever blunt hooked tip and simple, straightforward structure, the innovative, high-visual orange handled Vital Pack Saw makes the work of dressing big game wonderfully efficient.With a rubber handle that's structured to...

  • Hawke Knives

    Hawke Knives - Mykel Hawke HASP w/Leather Sheath

    Manufacture ID: MHB012A very original design by Mykel Hawke, the HASP has been created to serve four purposes in one tool. It's a hatchet, an axe, a shovel, and a pick. It's constructed of high carbon steel and boasts a handle made of super-strength...

  • Hooyman

    Hooyman - Bypass Pruner

    The Hooyman pruner line offers razor sharp SK5 steel blades and superior torque and cutting ability. These pruners are built to last and withstand abuse season after season, year after year. The Bypass pruner is built simple, lightweight and durable. The...

  • Hooyman

    Hooyman - Extendible Tree Saw - 10 Foot

    Manufacture ID: 655227The Hooyman 10 is built just like the original Hooyman Saw. The MegaBite blade uses a high carbon SK5 steel in a tapered blade design, combined with an impulse hardened 4 edge tooth that has improved tooth geometry for unmatched...

  • Hooyman

    Hooyman - Extendible Tree Saw - 5 Foot

    Manufacture ID: 655226The MegaBite blade uses a high carbon SK5 steel in a tapered blade design, combined with an impulse hardened 4 edge tooth that has improved tooth geometry for unmatched cutting performance and a longer cutting life. Each section of...

  • Hooyman

    Hooyman - Megabite Hunters Combo Bone and Wood Handsaw

    Manufacture ID: 110143Hooyman Megabite Hunter's ComboFeatures:- 2 Aggressive 8” MegaBite XP 4-edge tooth blades, cuts fast and clean.- High-Carbon SK5 hard chrome plated blades stay sharp cut after cut.- Interchangeable design lets you switch between...

  • Kutmaster Knives

    Kutmaster Knives - Team Realtree - Lightweight Saw

    Manufacture ID: 91-RT120CPMake sure you always have clear shooting lanes with the Kutmaster Airframe folding saw. With a lightweight skeleton handle design and 420 stainless steel cross cut blade, the Airframe is extremely lightweight and easily cuts...

  • Ultimate Survival Technologies

    Ultimate Survival Technologies - ParaSaw Pro

    Manufacture ID: 20-12423UST - Ultimate Survival Technologies, ParaSaw PRO, 5.5" Serrated Blade Knife, Paracord Handle With Fire Starter and Whistle, OrangeFeatures:- ParaSaw A durable, compact saw with a 5.5” stainless steel blade, capable of cutting...