100 Technician Combo Class - 2 Days (Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced Topics)

100 Technician Combo Class - 2 Days (Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced Topics)

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Spring 2019 - ** SOLD OUT **

Summer 2019 - ** SOLD OUT **

Fall 2019 - September 21 & 22 


What? Fulcrum Bow Technician School - Setup,  Tuning  & Maintenance 

When? Select From Available Dates Above

Where? Broadhead Barn Archery, 6335 Lamar Rd, Reno, TX 75462 

Our Spring & Summer Sessions Are Sold Out. Fall Now Accepting Registrations 

A two day seminar that teaches maintenance, tuning techniques, and complete bow setup. In this seminar, shooters first learn basic maintenance and tuning. During the second half, technicians will be assigned a bow in which you learn how to completely disassemble and reassemble it from start to finish. Technicians will then setup the bow from scratch demonstrating confidence and knowledge on all areas of equipment setup and maintenance. Finished bows will be judged and discussed with instructors. This seminar builds on topics and techniques taught throughout the day. 

  • Certificates of completion will be provided for those in attendance that have demonstrated superior knowledge on Bow Tuning & Setup.
  • Seminars are NONREFUNDABLE as you are committing to a day/time and reserving one of the few seats available. In the event you cannot attend, we will do our best to accommodate you in a future session

Items Supplied: Bow Press, Serving Material, Dloop Material, Levels, Compound Bows, Handheld DW/HW Scale, Bow Mass Weight Scale, Sights, Arrows and Building Materials, Grain Scale, Various types of Fletching Jigs, Various Stabilizers


Detailed Description:

A 3 day Beginner to Advanced course crammed in to two long days. Expect to start at 8 am and go until at least 6 pm both days for a total of 20-24 hours of instruction.  This class historically is composed of approximately 60% Pro Shop employees In training, 20% hobby enthusiasts, and 20% archer's who live in rural areas that want to be self sufficient. It's taught from the ground up and for those who have never had any tech experience. 

Day 1 Morning - Starts with the basics and teaches individual concepts/techniques in the order they should be performed as if a new bow is being taken out of the box. All students receive their own technician kit and equipment and work individually through these exercises as you master the building blocks. Here we also establish the vocabulary and language necessary to to effectively navigate the course.  
Day 1 Afternoon - Continues along with the order of operations when working on a bow as well as getting in to more Intermediate topics and techniques.
Day 2 Morning - Recap of Day 1, then students are paired off in to cause and effect simulations. One person simulates a customer/client while the other is the bow shop. The pair goes back and forth working on equipment, different types of cam systems and how they differ building confidence in learning to troubleshoot various bows.
Day 2 Afternoon - Students are randomly assigned a bow, and they must use the techniques learned from the previous lessons to disassemble the bow, and rebuild it from the ground up and tune it. This part of the class covers more advanced topics often times discussing techniques and services that many bow shops do not offer. Finally, for those wanting to be certified, your final bow build is graded along with a 50 question written test.

 Example Topics Include:

  • Understanding Compound Bow Parts
  • Choosing the correct draw length
  • Tying in a Peep
  • Tying in a D-Loop
  • Tiller Tuning
  • Understanding Axle to Axle
  • Understanding Brace Height
  • Understanding Overall Mass Bow Weight
  • How to Press a Bow
  • Adjusting Draw Length
  • Adjusting Draw Weight
  • How Draw Weight and Holding Weight effect bow Stabilization
  • Stabilizer Selection & Setup
  • Understanding Holding Weight
  • Installing a Rest (Understanding types, Pros/Cons)
  • Understanding & Using Various Release Types
  • Basic Arrow Selection (Spine / GPI)
  • Arrow Selection (3D versus Indoor versus Field)
  • Sighting In A Bow / Installing a Sight
  • Adjusting Draw Length by Adjusting String Only
  • Adjusting Draw Weight and Holding Weight by Adjusting Cables
  • Advanced Arrow Building (Spine + FOC, Trajectory, Speed)
  • Spine Indexing Arrows
  • Arrow Clocking
  • Breaking down the bow (Limb, Cable, String replacement)
  • Complete Bow Setup & Tune from start to finish
  • Paper Tuning
  • Walk Back Tuning
  • Modified French Tuning
  • Yolk Tuning


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  • 5
    Great class

    Posted by Sheldon on Apr 5th 2019

    I’m pretty new to archery and various issues with a local stores archery department I wanted to be able to perform my own maintenance. This program showed me a lot and has really opened up a new door for me. They aren’t affiliated with any brand and they don’t just sit there and lecture. I learned a lot of tips that the local shop doesn’t offer. Would be nice to have a 3rd day but that’s harder to schedule for everyone. I’m looking forward to making it to the expert class in the future

  • 5
    Combo Class

    Posted by John Taylor on Dec 27th 2018

    Great course. Best money spent on archery in quite some time. Looking forward to a more advanced course.

  • 4
    100 Technician combo class

    Posted by Jeff Jewett on Oct 23rd 2018

    I got a lot out of the class and enjoyed the class. I have 2 items that I thought might make it better. A little more hands on lab time and combining a couple of areas might help with that.

    I would recommend this to course to anyone looking to get into bow repair.

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